The Real Illuminati (Government, History, Politics, Society)

Not some mystical cabal, but the guys who really run this planet. What do they want? Read More

Trump Won (Government, Politics)

Trump won. Get over it. We bitterly complained about Obama, but we didn't lose our minds the way some democrats are. Read More

The Trump Phenomenon (Government, Society)

Who is this Trump guy? How did he get here? How is he a threat to other politicians? And why do people hate him? Read More

The Proposed Cyprus Bailout (Government, Politics, Society)

Cyprus wants a bailout, and to pay for it, they want to confiscate rich people's money. Read More

The Supreme Court vs Obamacare (Government, Law)

The Supreme Court is deliberating the constitutionality of Obamacare. The angle being used involves "interstate commerce". But history shows us that the Court has vastly distorted what can be considered "interstate commerce". Read More

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