Why Trump is Hated (Politics, Society)

Ever wonder why Donald Trump is so hated by some people, particularly politicians? I think I may have some answers to that question. Read More

Trump Derangement Syndrome (Politics, Society)

What is Trump Derangement Syndrome? Simple question, complicated answer. Read More

The Real Illuminati (Government, History, Politics, Society)

Not some mystical cabal, but the guys who really run this planet. What do they want? Read More

The Trump Non-Scandals (Politics)

When will this harrassment of the President end? Will anyone be found guilty? Will anyone pay for their crimes? Read More

Liberals and Guns (Guns/Gun Control, Politics)

I've discovered the exact reason by liberals/progressives hate guns and want to ban and/or control them. I even have a solution for the problem. Read More

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