Liberals and Guns (Guns/Gun Control, Politics)

I've discovered the exact reason by liberals/progressives hate guns and want to ban and/or control them. I even have a solution for the problem. Read More

Fast and Furious (Government, Guns/Gun Control, Politics)

It used to be if someone mentioned "Fast and Furious", you thought of a movie with fast cars and some hot looking, macho guys. Not any more. Thanks to the ATF and our Justice Department, "Fast and Furious" now calls to mind the tragic death of a US Border Patrol agent, perhaps countless other deaths, and a whole bunch of weapons in the hands of some very dangerous people. Read More

Guns and our moral compass (Guns/Gun Control)

While I'm not one to hobby-horse a specific issue, there are a few that mean a bit more to me than others. One of those is gun rights. There's a reason why our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment — without our right to keep and bear arms the rest is for naught. Read More

Gun violence is tragic; should we ban guns? (Guns/Gun Control)

You aren’t human if your heart doesn't hurt for the innocent victims of senseless gun violence. Several incidents have made the national news lately, but every metropolitan area across this great land deals with this — usually on a smaller level — on a regular basis. But you can’t let that lead to bans on guns. Read More