Medical Research
(Health, Science)
by Mike Hauser (25 June 2009 09:31:57)

Is medical research reliable? Should we trust it?
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Sarah Palin's resignation
(Government, Politics)
by J. B. Cannon (08 June 2009 22:11:30)

There are a lot of people shaking their heads over Governor Sarah Palin''s decision to leave office early. The talking heads and Washington insiders ignore Governor Palin''s stated reasons for her departure, instead attacking her decision as another example of her cluelessness. Even some Republicans have gone on record to say it was a big mistake and could spell the end of her career. The chattering classes are confused by her actions. They can''t understand a politician who isn''t self-serving.
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Lawyers and Politicians
(Government, Law)
by Mike Hauser (21 May 2009 09:28:50)

With all the perqs politicians get, and the crappy jobs they do, can we really accept that their "service" to the public is "selfless"?
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The truth about the Civil War
by J. B. Cannon (18 May 2009 22:22:32)

During the business day, I have my local talk radio station playing in the background. I get my daily dose of Glenn Beck in the morning, and Rush Limbaugh in the afternoon. Glenn has finally started to see the light about the Civil War — it really was about States'' Rights — and has talked about the disaffection so many of us are feeling. The federal government has turned into a giant ogre trampling the rights our Founding Fathers detailed in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
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Guns and our moral compass
(Guns/Gun Control)
by J. B. Cannon (18 May 2009 22:03:52)

While I''m not one to hobby-horse a specific issue, there are a few that mean a bit more to me than others. One of those is gun rights. There''s a reason why our founding fathers wrote the Second Amendment — without our right to keep and bear arms the rest is for naught.
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