We must stop Obama (Politics)

While this site isn't really a political site, per se, I believe defeating President Obama's re-election bid is of vital importance for the sake of our country. This president has put our nation on the fast track to ruin. He's been growing the government at a phenomenal pace, creating new bureaucracies that continue eating away at our liberties and rights. Can you say Obamacare? Scarier still is what's being done via regulation, totally bypassing Congress. Read More

The beginning of the Republican revolution? (Government, Politics)

On January 19, 2010, the first volleys of the second American Revolution were fired, appropriately in the state of Massachusetts, home of the original Boston Tea Party. Republican Scott Brown handily beat Democrat Martha Coakley for the Senate seat left vacate after the death of Ted Kennedy. Read More

Isolationism in a world gone mad (Government, Society)

With all the turmoil in Iran, the fighting still going on in Afghanistan, and talk of pulling out of Iraq, there are voices on the right calling for a return to isolationism. These folks say our Founding Fathers never wanted us involved in 'other people's wars'. We should be committed to commerce, trading with everyone regardless. While I can see the attraction of that viewpoint, is it really the morally correct one? Talking in the broad strokes of nations can make it difficult to evaluate. Let's bring it down to a more manageable scenario. Read More

Medical Research (Health, Science)

Is medical research reliable? Should we trust it? Read More

Sarah Palin's resignation (Government, Politics)

There are a lot of people shaking their heads over Governor Sarah Palin's decision to leave office early. The talking heads and Washington insiders ignore Governor Palin's stated reasons for her departure, instead attacking her decision as another example of her cluelessness. Even some Republicans have gone on record to say it was a big mistake and could spell the end of her career. The chattering classes are confused by her actions. They can't understand a politician who isn't self-serving. Read More

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