Obamacare (Government, Health, Law, Politics)

Even though it hasn't been fully enacted yet, we're already feeling the early fallout from this disaster of a law. Insurance premiums have already risen, thanks to parts of the law already being enforced. For instance, insurance plans must now extend their dependent coverage to children up to the age of 26, well into adulthood. There have also been some preventive care measures that must now be fully covered by all plans. It's only going to get worse, people, as other parts of the law take effect. Read More

Occupy Wall Street (Society)

I've held my tongue regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests that are occurring across the country, but it's getting ridiculous. First, no, you are not the 99%. Why? Because you certainly don't represent me and I'm clearly not in the 1% (see my last post). Demonizing the wealthy is never the answer. Have some Wall Street companies done shady or dirty deals? Probably, but that's not a reason to damage a bunch of small businesses with your protests. There are restaurants and other small businesses suffering because the protestors are chasing away customers. Make your point and go home, people. Read More

Fast and Furious (Government, Guns/Gun Control, Politics)

It used to be if someone mentioned "Fast and Furious", you thought of a movie with fast cars and some hot looking, macho guys. Not any more. Thanks to the ATF and our Justice Department, "Fast and Furious" now calls to mind the tragic death of a US Border Patrol agent, perhaps countless other deaths, and a whole bunch of weapons in the hands of some very dangerous people. Read More

Raising the debt ceiling (Government, Law, Politics)

All this talk about raising the debt ceiling is really raising my blood pressure! No, we can't keep raising the debt ceiling. Our nation is already way overdrawn. Think about it. If your bank account is already overdrawn, do you keep spending money because you've still got checks? Or if you've hit your maximums on your credit cards, do you demand they raise your limit? Of course not. Read More

The fairness of taxing the rich (Government, Politics)

The poor use a significantly higher quantity of government services. So why should be tax the rich more? How can this be fair? Read More

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