Trump Won
(Government, Politics)
by Mike Hauser (18 November 2016 13:43:00)

Trump won. Get over it. We bitterly complained about Obama, but we didn''t lose our minds the way some democrats are.
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The Trump Phenomenon
(Government, Society)
by Mike Hauser (18 November 2016 13:35:00)

Who is this Trump guy? How did he get here? How is he a threat to other politicians? And why do people hate him?
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Bernie Sanders and the DNC Emails
by Mike Hauser (25 July 2016 13:39:35)

Newly leaked DNC emails reveal the party backed Hillary over Sanders. What a surprise!
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A New Civil War?
by Mike Hauser (19 July 2016 13:24:49)

The parallels between the American Civil War era and today are intriguing.
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The Proposed Cyprus Bailout
(Government, Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (15 March 2013 13:15:06)

Cyprus wants a bailout, and to pay for it, they want to confiscate rich people''s money.
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