Bernie Sanders and the DNC Emails
by Mike Hauser (25 July 2016 13:39:35)

Newly leaked DNC emails reveal the party backed Hillary over Sanders. What a surprise!
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A New Civil War?
by Mike Hauser (19 July 2016 13:24:49)

The parallels between the American Civil War era and today are intriguing.
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The Proposed Cyprus Bailout
(Government, Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (15 March 2013 13:15:06)

Cyprus wants a bailout, and to pay for it, they want to confiscate rich people''s money.
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The Supreme Court vs Obamacare
(Government, Law)
by Mike Hauser (10 April 2012 09:50:45)

The Supreme Court is deliberating the constitutionality of Obamacare. The angle being used involves "interstate commerce". But history shows us that the Court has vastly distorted what can be considered "interstate commerce".
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Downsizing the military without crippling it
by J. B. Cannon (20 March 2012 17:31:55)

I was speaking with my husband the other day about how we could cut a lot of spending out of the military budget without gutting our ability to fight and defend this great nation. The point I was making is one I haven''t heard being talked about among the political commentators, so I thought I''d present it here.
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