Obama and rising gas prices (Government, Politics, Society)

If you drive a vehicle, then you're feeling the pain in the wallet as you fill up your tank. Gas prices have broken records, registering the highest price for gasoline in February ever. But what's that I hear? Crickets? Where are the Democrat members of Congress standing in front of gas stations demanding the president do something? That was a common occurrence during President George W. Bush's administration. Read More

Contraception insurance and the Catholic church (Government, Law, Politics, Society)

The problem with all this goes much further than infringing on the First Amendment. This is another case of the government usurping more power and eroding our liberties. How on Earth is it okay for the government to tell a private business what products it must offer and for how much? Read More

Occupy Wall Street, Part 2 (Society)

I want to revisit the Occupy movement, to offer a key point I'm not hearing anywhere else. Most of the Occupy folks I've seen in videos are young adults fresh out of college. Part of their complaint is they have a huge student loan debt and no job prospects. I blame the 'everyone gets a trophy mentality' for their upset. Let me explain. Read More

Saul Alinsky and subversion (Politics)

Saul Alinsky's book, Rules For Radicals, threatens to subvert the fabric of our society. Read More

Mud slinging ads (Politics)

The Republican primary season has been underway for some time now, and it's really been getting nasty. I have a message for the candidates still in the race, and all their supporters (SuperPACs, this means you, too!): Stop the mudslinging! As I've mentioned, I live in Florida. Our state has been inundated with negative ads. I listen to talk radio during the day and I hear back to back negative ads ad nauseam. Read More

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