(General, Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (02 May 2018 16:44:37)

I found a nifty term which should be used more often to describe the well-off crybabies of our society.
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Hollywood: My Conscience
(Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (17 January 2018 04:40:02)

I'm pretty tired of Hollywood telling me what to do, say and think. Are you?
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Bernie Sanders and ...
by Mike Hauser (17 January 2018 00:39:39)

I examine several current social phenomena which are making our social and political lives hell.
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Liberals and Guns
(Guns/Gun Control, Politics)
by Mike Hauser (07 November 2017 13:54:05)

I''ve discovered the exact reason by liberals/progressives hate guns and want to ban and/or control them. I even have a solution for the problem.
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Health Care As A Means Of Control
(Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (01 October 2017 06:13:33)

What happens when government controls healthcare, and can thus use it as another avenue of control over you?
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