The Trump Non-Scandals
by Mike Hauser (19 July 2018 17:59:54)

When will this harrassment of the President end? Will anyone be found guilty? Will anyone pay for their crimes?
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Liberals and Guns
(Guns/Gun Control, Politics)
by Mike Hauser (07 November 2017 13:54:05)

I''ve discovered the exact reason by liberals/progressives hate guns and want to ban and/or control them. I even have a solution for the problem.
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Putin and Russia
(History, Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (18 November 2016 13:48:41)

Putin is the defacto dictator of Russia. There are other dictators in other places. What should we do about them? Or should we do nothing?
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Trump Won
(Government, Politics)
by Mike Hauser (18 November 2016 13:43:00)

Trump won. Get over it. We bitterly complained about Obama, but we didn''t lose our minds the way some democrats are.
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The Trump Phenomenon
(Government, Society)
by Mike Hauser (18 November 2016 13:35:00)

Who is this Trump guy? How did he get here? How is he a threat to other politicians? And why do people hate him?
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