Why Trump is Hated
(Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (12 December 2019 16:10:52)

Ever wonder why Donald Trump is so hated by some people, particularly politicians? I think I may have some answers to that question.
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Trump Derangement Syndrome
(Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (12 December 2019 16:08:51)

What is Trump Derangement Syndrome? Simple question, complicated answer.
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The Real Illuminati
(Government, History, Politics, Society)
by Mike Hauser (20 November 2019 13:29:52)

Not some mystical cabal, but the guys who really run this planet. What do they want?
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Global Climate Change
(General, Politics)
by Mike Hauser (19 March 2019 08:37:06)

Prepare to hate. Anthropogenic Global Climate Change is a hoax and a con game
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The Trump Non-Scandals
by Mike Hauser (19 July 2018 17:59:54)

When will this harrassment of the President end? Will anyone be found guilty? Will anyone pay for their crimes?
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