Downsizing the military without crippling it
by J. B. Cannon (20 March 2012 17:31:55)

I was speaking with my husband the other day about how we could cut a lot of spending out of the military budget without gutting our ability to fight and defend this great nation. The point I was making is one I haven''t heard being talked about among the political commentators, so I thought I''d present it here.
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Regulation-- when congress won't do its job
(Government, Law)
by J. B. Cannon (12 March 2012 17:22:22)

Conservatives have long championed smaller government, and for good reason. Our Founding Fathers didn''t want a bloated, overbearing government ruling the lives of citizens. They would be shocked to see what has happened to their beloved Constitution and governmental framework. I learned today of another prime example of a government gone mad. It''s also a perfect illustration of the more serious threat to our liberty: regulations.
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Andrew Breitbart R.I.P.
(Politics, Society)
by J. B. Cannon (05 March 2012 17:14:33)

American conservatives lost a great champion this past week. Andrew Breitbart died much too soon and it was a shock to many of us. I''ve had a YouTube channel for a while, but hadn''t posted anything to it. In truth, a big part of why was simply fear. I knew I''d be opening myself up to a whole lot of attacks the moment I did. YouTube certainly has a very vocal liberal contingent. But Andrew''s sudden death moved me to create and post a short memorial video. Wow!
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Obama and rising gas prices
(Government, Politics, Society)
by J. B. Cannon (27 February 2012 17:08:04)

If you drive a vehicle, then you''re feeling the pain in the wallet as you fill up your tank. Gas prices have broken records, registering the highest price for gasoline in February ever. But what''s that I hear? Crickets? Where are the Democrat members of Congress standing in front of gas stations demanding the president do something? That was a common occurrence during President George W. Bush''s administration.
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Contraception insurance and the Catholic church
(Government, Law, Politics, Society)
by J. B. Cannon (27 February 2012 16:58:07)

The problem with all this goes much further than infringing on the First Amendment. This is another case of the government usurping more power and eroding our liberties. How on Earth is it okay for the government to tell a private business what products it must offer and for how much?
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