Trump Derangement Syndrome, Part 2

Love or hate him, the president of the United States, Donald Trump, is the focus of a tremendous amount of both hope and animus, not just here in America, but around the world.

Trump is neither your friend nor your enemy. He's a symptom of a civilization on its last legs.

You can believe that or not. One excellent reference is John Glubb's Fate of Empires. It details the various stages civilizations go through, and clearly indicates that this one is in its final stage.

A bit of further research will indicate that international bankers, media moguls, Silicon Valley CEOs and many others want a world they can control, possibly by way of some central world government. And in order to create that world, they must wreck the present one (at least from our perspective).

And to some extent people are waking up to this. They see the desolation of many American cities, brought on by those trained to argue and utterly unable to manage anything. They see these people as part of the problem. They are forwarding the same unworkable policies as they grow rich and powerful.

Trump, though rich, is not part of that group. If you don't think so, examine the reaction of the Bushes to Trump. They've been critical and unsupportive from the beginning. And if anyone represents the establishment, it's the Bushes.

Trump is the odd man out. He's a brash New Yorker who speaks his mind, and because he's very wealthy, doesn't need anyone's favors. He can't be bought. And that's what scares the other powerful people around the world. And they use every tactic they can, including non-stop negative coverage from their news outlets worldwide, to portray him in the worst light.

There's a trilogy of novels by Isaac Asimov called The Foundation Trilogy. Worth a read if you like science fiction. They tell a story of a group of "psychohistorians" who have plotted the future of the galaxy thousands of years into the future. Because of their knowledge of human psychology, they know exactly how things will turn out. Until one day, a mutation shows up in the form of a man called "The Mule". And at that point, psychohistory goes off the rails.

I don't claim that Donald Trump will have the same impact as "The Mule" did, but to those who wish to maintain their status quo, he is a wild card. And a threat to their hegemony.

And as should be clear, every effort has been made to grind him into dust and turn the population of American and elsewhere against him.

This is the true origin of the hatred of Donald Trump. Otherwise rational people go completely off the rails because everything they're told indicates he's Satan's second cousin. And they're being told that in a concerted effort to oppose Trump in whatever ways possible.

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