Hollywood: My Conscience

I’m fed up with Hollywood. Completely. Here are a bunch of people who are overprivileged, overpaid and undertalented. And apparently we’re supposed to allow these people to tell us what to do.

As time has worn on, Hollywood has increasingly found a moralist voice for the rest of us. I’m not sure what gives Hollywood the right to tell me what I should and should not do and think, but somehow they think they have such a right. This is a community full of reprobates, pedophiles and drug users. This is a community of people so self-centered, so self-obsessed and so self-absorbed that it’s a mystery how they can manage to interact with other people at all.

Am I saying that all of Hollywood is afflicted by these disorders? No, of course not. But I can say definitively that the problems of Hollywood disproportionally affect the population there, and those who have not succumbed to these aberrations usually don’t last long in Hollywood, or choose to leave it rather than wallow with the others in the viper pit.

Some of you may assert that I’m exaggerating the woes of these people and the world they live in. If so, you’re kidding yourself. Everything I’ve said here is well documented and well known. It’s not exaggeration. It’s fact, true in the main and on average, though perhaps not so for any given individual or for a minority.

And against this background, we have people who are told (one of the insider rules of Hollywood) that they each must have some “cause” or charity they rally for and promote. This they do enthusiastically, and quite publicly.

Personally, I don’t want to take moralistic advice from a guy who holds press conferences between bong hits and trysts with the lover his wife doesn’t know about. If you’re going to virtue signal, you’d better have a higher than average score on the virtue scale, as far as I’m concerned.

Oh oh oh, but we have to improve life here on poor Earth! Maybe so, but I certainly don’t need to hear it from someone who can’t keep his pee pee in his pants.

I always shake my head when I hear one of these people come out in favor of socialism or communism. First of all, if you’re arguing in this wise, you clearly have no clue what you’re talking about, or the consistent history of truly socialist and communist regimes. Second, if you imagine that American society should be recast in the socialist/communist mold, I think you should do the following:

  1. Give all your money to me. All of it. Everywhere. Including whatever investments you have. Just liquidate it all and turn it over to me.

  2. Move in to living space which I shall select for you. Bear in mind that it will not be posh or beautiful. In fact, it will likely be in an appartment block somewhere which is racked with drug abuse, crime and overcrowding.

  3. Take a job which I shall select for you which is low paying and demeaning. It will probably involve long hours of back-breaking work with little or no means of advancement, and no hopes for change.

  4. Turn your working paychecks over to me. On second thought, you may never even see your paycheck.

  5. Learn how to live on the meager allowance I shall provide for you. Remember your paycheck is going to the government (me) which shall provide similar subsistence for the rest of your fellows.

  6. Get used to the idea that you will not ever be famous again. Nor will you be allowed to travel freely. I shall provide you with travel documents, but I may well curtail your travel, regardless of paperwork you possess.

  7. Perhaps last (and this is the real kicker), be prepared to tamp down any ideas The State (me) doesn’t like, and give up on any ideas you had about “free speech”. Moreover, if you’re caught complaining or voicing ideas that The State (me) doesn’t like, be prepared to spend years in a prison which will make your current meager living conditions look like a positive paradise. And as soon as we can figure out a way to read your mind, be prepared to think thought deemed pure by The State (me) or suffer the same consequences as if you had voiced all your impure thoughts.

  8. (Optional) Be prepared to die. If you’re the wrong color, religion, sexual orientation, or possess any other characteristic that The State (me) finds of objectionable, according to whatever fluid standards are in place at any given time, we (I) reserve the right to ship you off to a relative nowhere and promptly end your life without explanation.

After we’ve subjected you to the above abuse for a few years or decades, (and assuming you survive) we’ll have you fill out a survey about much you enjoyed your stay in our worker’s paradise.

If you think I’m kidding or exaggerating about the above, I’m not. Forget the theory you read from Marx, Trotsky, Lenin or Stalin. The above is the real face of socialism/communism. Pick any truly socialist or communist regime which has ever existed or still exists today, and this is what it looks like.

How many Hollywooders do you think would take me up on such an offer? None? Precisely! It’s all very well to sit on the veranda of your house in Beverly Hills and advocate for this or that supposedly worthy cause. It’s quite another to put your money where your mouth is and backup up your rhetoric with a trip to the real results of what you are advocating.

This is where the last and perhaps greatest of Hollywood’s faults comes in: hipocracy. How many of these people advocate for environmental action and awareness as they jet off to exotic locales for luxurious vacations, exhausting millions of tons of supposed greenhouse gasses in their wake?

Don’t get me wrong. I love movies. And I don’t really care what movie stars and other celebrities have to say on any given subject. I’ll still watch their movies and listen to their music. When they open their mouths on political subjects, or worthy causes, or they virtue signal for the rest of us, I mostly just ignore them. But I do get tired of their ranting from time to time, and wish they would all just shut up and do more of what we pay them for in the first place: act, perform, emote or whatever.

Meantime, leave me alone. I don’t take my cues from you on anything (except perhaps what not to do with my life). I love your movies, but I’m not so fond of you.

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