Health Care As A Means Of Control

In case it’s not clear and evident already, governments all over the globe are seeking tighter and tighter control over our lives. Our technology, in its sophistication and its pervasiveness, is allowing this to happen and facilitating it. They are seeking to monitor and dictate what we do and think on every level.

I’m not going to argue the above point. I’ve given evidence and argued the point before. If you don’t obviously see it, then you probably never will, and good luck to you.

One of the perhaps less obvious ways for the government to control you is health care. Even outside government, health care is an effective method of controlling your life. Health care can be as invasive as it wants to be. One recent common example involves firearm ownership. Why would firearm ownership be of interest to health care professionals? Well, obviously, you could be injured with firearms. Then there’s your children, where the firearm idea can really be put to the test. If there are firearms in your house, are your children safe? Wouldn’t they be safer without firearms? If you do own firearms, shouldn’t they be locked away under triple, tamper-proof security, so there’s no chance your children would harm themselves with them (and locked away, they become useless to you as well)?

If you think firearm ownership questions aren’t being asked by medicos, you’re wrong. And they are in fact using the kid angle to pry into your business here. In fact, even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) have had recent things to say about firearm ownership.

Of course, the incidence of firearm injury is quite low to begin with, and most injuries are not fatal. And a lot of those injuries could be avoided if the person(s) involved were better educated and informed about firearm possession and use. Firearm possession in the USA is quite common, but well-educated firearm owners are not. So the low incidence of firearm injury is actually remarkable. Firearm crimes are mostly the province of gangs and bottom-feeders, not middle class people who pay their taxes on time, etc.

But there is a large faction of society which believes you should shun firearms, and if it were theirs to dictate, would relieve you of your firearms. Only our 2nd Amendment protects us from this happening. Our Founders were quite forward thinking in realizing that governments are not fond of armed citizens, and protecting our rights to firearms in advance. And it’s not just governments that think this way. There are millions of civilians in our society who, afraid of what they might do if they owned firearms, don’t want you to have them, either.

But this isn’t an essay about firearm ownership. It’s about medicine being used to pry into and control your life. For medical practitioners, almost anything could be fair game for the supposed sake of your health. Do you drive a “safe” car? Do you live in a “safe” house? What kinds of beverages do you enjoy and how often do you enjoy them? What are your sexual habits? Anything pornographic or extramarital? Who do you date? Do you smoke? What kinds of foods do you eat? Almost anything you’re involved in which might in some way affect your health is covered as something which healthcare professionals could pry into.

Another problem is that healthcare professionals have curried a reputation for being smarter and more educated than you. Thus, even with ample evidence to the contrary, people tend not to question what they say. I know many people who believe every word which issues from the minds of medicos. A doctor says X, and they automatically believe it, without ever doing any of their own research on the matter. The fact is that medicine is ignorant on a variety of issues regarding health, and quite dogmatic to boot. But if you’re one of those millions who are inclined to believe doctors automatically, a doctor is an AUTHORITY.

Quite outside government, there is a sector of the population which believes that you should believe what they believe and do what they do. Or at least, you should believe and do what they think is acceptable, whether they actually believe and do these things or not. (Meaning, there are a lot of hypocrites in this sector of society.) This is not a conspiracy, as you might think of it. These are simply people who, without consulting each other necessarily, still believe certain things, which they hold in common with others of like mind. These people have an intrusive and controlling frame of reference. If you don’t act, say and do what they consider acceptable, you must be shunned, re-educated, and/or removed from society. And insofar as medicine intersects with this group, it can be used to enforce their will upon you.

This is where government comes in. If medicine can be used as a tool to control your thoughts and actions, this tool is even more effective in the hands of government, which has the wherewithal to force you into one path or another. Up until recently, this wasn’t the problem it is now. Medicine being outside of government, it was a good but not great tool for control. But with the advent of government control of healthcare, the government moves into a position to be able to control parts of your life it could never control before.

It will be argued that a survey of world governments which control healthcare for their citizens are not seeing the kind of overbearing invasive conduct from medicine that I’m talking about. I would argue that such control is being attempted, but in ways which currently are more subtle than you might think. Moreover, most societies with government health care are also far more socialistic than the U.S. Meaning, the government exercises far more native control over the citizenry. And remember, for those who wish to control your life, the thinking is in the long term. Incrementalism is how you make lasting change. Sudden change all at once may well be rejected by a majority of the population. But massive change may be effected over a long term by simply making modest changes periodically. Remember the frog in the pot of boiling water. The water becomes warmer and warmer until, unable to escape the pot, the frog dies.

Again, it will be argued that governments and sectors of this society don’t seek this kind of control over your life, and that such thinking is paranoid and delusional. If you think this way, I urge you to take a closer look. If, after investigation, you still don’t see it, then go about your life as you have been. And do us all a favor– please don’t vote. Because you clearly have no true awareness of what’s actually going on around you.

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