Social Engineering

Today, we are surrounded by Social Justice Warriors. At least we appear to be, for all the noise they make. Their intent is to ensure that everyone around them adheres to the causes they advocate. And they'll do almost anything to ensure this happens. On the surface, they're attempting to change your behavior and your speech. But in fact, they are attempting to change how you think. Because if they can change your thinking, all the rest will fall into place.

I use the term "Social Justice Warrior" here in a very broad sense. These are people trying to change the thoughts and actions of others in order to conform to some distorted view of the ideal they've adopted.

Recently, a few social misfits have gotten various high profile software projects to adopt codes of conduct which generally insist that people be nice to each other and carefully monitor what they say. The problem is that the highly intelligent people who take up programming are often socially inept to one degree or another. They often say hurtful things to one another, sometimes without even realizing they've done so. But the world of programming is a meritocracy, where social skills don't really factor in. And as a result, some people just don't make the grade. They're not good enough at coding to be accepted into projects. The answer? Adopt a code of conduct which penalizes and ejects people who are socially inept. That is, make many of the best coders go away. Then there will be room for the mediocre coders who pushed for the advocation of the code of conduct in the first place.

For years, there have been groups who appear to take offense at sports teams who use Native American terms and names. Somehow doing so is offensive to them. Apparently, though, this isn't offensive to Native Americans, who have generally never complained about it. In fact, the use of names like "Braves" (a term for a Native American man) is actually a tribute and a compliment. It highlights the courage and persistence of the Native Americans. So who complains? Privileged white people.

If you get around on social media, sooner or later you'll run into a woman who's overweight, has green hair, an unpleasant face, piercings and tattoos. She's advocating for what she and her cohorts call "feminism". What it really is is a hatred of men. And if you fully adopted her agenda, men would be relegated to the role of servants in society. These people say the change they advocate is beneficial for women. But in fact, this agenda doesn't so much benefit women as it disadvantages men, which is the real point.

There's another species of these people who advocate for homosexual and transgender issues. They don't hate men so much as families. And their agenda, implemented, would typically destroy the family.

Then there are the environmentalists. They torch building projects and lobby for legislation to protect species of animals no one cares about. If they had a clue, they'd realize that the condition of the "environment" is orders of magnitude better than it was back in the 1960s. I know because I was there. The United States in particular has made incredible strides in improving and protecting the environment. If anyone is still abusing the environment, it's countries like China and India. But the environmentalists target America. And their agenda, judging by their actions, isn't so much about protecting the environment as it is about stopping progress. A careful study of their activities bears this out. They are only marginally "Social Justice Warriors".

If you're a fan of some of the major science fiction franchises, like Star Trek, Star Wars, or Doctor Who, you may have become aware of some objectionable tendencies of late. Each of these franchises is based on a canon unique to that franchise. This canon contains the rules that drive the stories. For example, in Doctor Who, the Doctor never uses guns. It's a matter of canon. It's part of the fabric of the franchise. And you may have noticed that lately the episodes and movies of these franchises have violated their own canons wholesale. For example, in the latest Star Trek installment, Star Trek Picard, the Federation is now more or less a broken husk compared to what it once was. This allows Patrick Stewart, its star, to tell the kind of Social Justice Warrior stories he prefers. And you see this echoed across all these franchises. New groups of creators have take over these franchises from their traditional shepherds. And what kind of stories are violating the canon? Social Justice Warrior stories. They break the canon, but tell a Social Justice Warrior narrative.

The common thread amongst all these people is that they seek to change the way you think, speak and act. Mostly, they want to change the way you think. They believe they are right and you are wrong. And so you must be "re-educated" to think the right thoughts. And once you've been converted, your thoughts will cause you to act and speak properly according to their particular Social Justice agenda.

They are social engineers.

They talk about one thing but intend something different. And they want you to change.

They will go to exceptional lengths to achieve their ends. They will lobby social media companies to shut down speech which does not conform to their ideals. They will complain to advertisers to influence the rejection or adoption of this or that view of things. I've already detailed above some of the other ways they've sought to achieve their ends.

Personally, I object to being preached to. I object to people trying to tell me how I should think, speak and act. Even if I choose to do things which would obviously damage me personally, like smoking two packs of cigarettes a day, I don't consider you have the right to tell me I should do something else instead. I haven't and won't give you the right to say how I raise my kids, what books I should read, or how many hamburgers I eat in a week.

Maybe it's just because I'm a contrary American. But I suspect not. I suspect most people who haven't had the stuffing knocked out of them by their government or their environment have a native objection to having others dictate their thoughts, speech and actions.

But here's the point. Those people designated as "Social Justice Warriors" (anyone who in large or subtle ways wants you to change) are full of deceit. They say one thing and intend another. And the results of their agenda, fully adopted, would be and are disastrous. And they will do anything and everything to force you to agree, and shut down anyone who disagrees.

These people are your enemy.

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