Coarse And Uncouth

U.S. president Donald J. Trump gets a lot of shade for being coarse and uncouth in his "tweets". Somehow this isn't considered "presidentail", and a lot of people deduct points from him for this reason.

If Twitter were around at the time of Ronald Reagan or George Bush (either one), they most likely would not have behaved in such a way in their tweets. They acted in all ways to ensure the dignity of the office of president.

And yet, we knew who Donald Trump was when we elected him. For one thing, he's a New Yorker, which brings with it a certain amount of brashness. But more important, Trump got elected precisely because he was not part of the political establishment. He hadn't spent time as a mayor or governor or senator. He was a businessman, quite a successful one. We were and are tired of the political elite promising the world and delivering a pile of dung.

Trump characterized democrat presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren as "Pocahontas" because for years she falsified her supposed native American heritage to gain advantage. Would anyone else in politics openly make fun of her that way? No. He characterized past first lady and secretary of state Hillary Clinton as "Crooked Hillary". For decades, she has lied and committed felony level offenses, evidence in full view. Would anyone else in politics say that to her face? No. (In her case, the response might be a flying ashtray.) He called democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders "Crazy Bernie". Not without good reason- Bernie is about as far left as they come, and espouses some of the goofiest solutions you can imagine. Hence, "Crazy Bernie".

Of course, that's not all Trump does on Twitter. He crows when his administration has a victory. He derides foreign leaders whom he thinks are incompentent (and they usually are). He comments on political situations far from the purview of the United States.

So what is Trump doing? Acting like the "rest of us". The people who don't live on the Upper West Side of Manhattan or Beverly Hills. The people who don't have expensive doctorates in feminine studies or art history. The people who work for a living. The people who actually pay taxes. The people who watch football and drink beer instead of Merlot. The "great unwashed", which is most of America.

Many of us find Trump's behavior refreshing and amusing. Why? Because the stuff he says on Twitter is exactly the stuff we say at our tailgate parties and around our kitchen tables. He's only expressing in public the things we are saying in private.

Is this aspect of Trump's personality "presidential"? Probably not. But we're tired of all the polite do-nothings who get elected and tiptoe around everyone's feelings.

Trump is what he is. Even though he's a billionaire, his tweets mark him as more "one of us" than any other president in recent history. He could instead by like billionaire Michael Bloomberg, presidential hopeful and former mayor of New York. This guy banned large sodas in New York City and desperately wants to confiscate your guns. In no way is this he a man with the "common touch". And if advertising dollars are any indication of the likelihood of gaining the presidency, Bloomberg is a shoo-in for 2020. He's buying his way into heaven.

So count yourself lucky. You've got a guy who understands your situation and is willing to say in public the things you only speak of in private. Even better, the gains the economy has made under him have made America a better place for everyone.

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