Liberals and Guns
(Guns/Gun Control,Politics)

As of this date, we've seen a spate of mass shootings on American soil. Aside from those who have been proven to be Islamicists, those committing these acts have been shown to be left-leaning by a huge margin. You simply don't see right-leaners doing this. It's overwhelmingly left-leaning lunatics. And let me be clear- right leaners can accomplish the same horrors. And not all left leaners are this nuts. The actors are primarily crazy, and incidentally left leaning. Apparently crazy people are more susceptible to the temptations of the left.

Of course, every time a shooting happens, the left comes out and demands the curtailment of gun rights. We've all seen it. It's a tired old refrain. The logic is twisted and silly, of course, but that doesn't stop the left from harping on this, despite clear statistical and factual evidence that gun banning and such would do virtually nothing to reduce mass gun violence.

And now I believe I've come up with why the left is so afraid of guns: they don't trust themselves. If they looked dispassionately at the facts, they'd realize they have virtually nothing to fear when it comes to the conservatives and guns. The right simply doesn't engage in this sort of conduct. But the left does.

So why, despite facts to the contrary, would the left insist on gun control when it's clear that guns aren't the culprits? Because the left doesn't trust their own people. They know that if they had guns, they'd shoot up the place, to put it bluntly. And this just goes to show what an uncivilized lot they are.

And this tells you immediately what the solution to home-grown gun violence is. Outside of Islamic terrorists, guns must be kept out of the hands of the left. Progressives, democrats and those leaning left politically should get the gun ban they want. We should have a gun ban for them. If you're a registered democrat or your social media marks you as a left leaner or progressive, you can't have a gun. Simple. We simply add that to the list of things when prevent you from purchasing, owning or possessing a gun. Former felon? Sorry. Under psychiatric care? Sorry. Democrat? Sorry.

And that would probably take care of it. Of course, I'm joking to some extent. Allowing one set of normal citizens to have guns while denying another set of normal citizens violates our rights to self-protection as enshrined in our Constitution. But it certainly does give you pause when you think of it this way. They don't want guns around because they're afraid of what they might do with them.

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