Contraception insurance and the Catholic church

This past week, one of the big news stories has been the Obama Administration's ruling regarding contraceptive and sterilization insurance coverage and Catholic institutions. It's simply been another example of this Administration trampling on the U.S. Constitution.

The First Amendment begins with:

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof...
What part about "prohibiting the free exercise thereof" doesn't this Administration understand? The Catholic Church has long preached that it's wrong to use contraception to prevent a human life. This includes medications like the Pill and the Morning-After Pill as well as sterilization procedures. The Church also stands firm against abortions, seeing them as murder. Yet the Administration wants to force the Catholic Church's various institutions (hospitals, charities, and universities) to provide health care coverage of these forbidden things.

Understandably, the Catholic Church was none too pleased and fought back. Many in other faiths joined the outcry. The Administration tried to appease the critics, but it's just been some sleight of hand. Instead of the Church technically paying for the contraceptive and sterilization coverage, the insurance company would be required to offer it to the employees at no charge. Now really, do you think the insurance company is simply going to eat that expense? No, it will increase its premiums to offset another mandated benefit.

The problem with all this goes much further than infringing on the First Amendment. This is another case of the government usurping more power and eroding our liberties. How on Earth is it okay for the government to tell a private business what products it must offer and for how much?

Here's another issue: The Executive Branch of our government is totally out of control and the Legislative Branch has allowed it to happen. Congress makes laws, but more and more today, it's regulations coming from the ever-growing Executive Branch agencies that are strangling our economy and taking away our liberties. Putting this genie back in the bottle won't be easy, but it's absolutely vital if we're going to right this ship and get back on course. I could throw a few more metaphors at you, but I think you get what I mean.

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