Occupy Wall Street

I've held my tongue regarding the Occupy Wall Street protests that are occurring across the country, but it's getting ridiculous. First, no, you are not the 99%. Why? Because you certainly don't represent me and I'm clearly not in the 1% (see my last post). Demonizing the wealthy is never the answer. Have some Wall Street companies done shady or dirty deals? Probably, but that's not a reason to damage a bunch of small businesses with your protests. There are restaurants and other small businesses suffering because the protestors are chasing away customers. Make your point and go home, people.

I've heard those on the left compare the Occupy protestors with the Tea Party Movement. Really? Have you been to a Tea Party event? They typically last an hour or two, and everyone goes home. And when they leave, the area is spotless, sometimes cleaner than when they arrived. Certainly can't say that about the various Occupy sites. Garbage, human waste, it's disgusting. Tea Partiers don't block businesses, hurting them. Tea Partiers, in general, are clean, respectful, and polite. They don't yell curse words, intimidate innocent bystanders, defecate on a police car... I could go on, but you get the point.

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