Raising the debt ceiling

All this talk about raising the debt ceiling is really raising my blood pressure! No, we can't keep raising the debt ceiling. Our nation is already way overdrawn. Think about it. If your bank account is already overdrawn, do you keep spending money because you've still got checks? Or if you've hit your maximums on your credit cards, do you demand they raise your limit? Of course not.

The Republican "Cut, Cap, and Balance" plan in the House is a much better solution. Fine, yes, we have debts that must be paid, so this plan allows for an increase in the debt limit, but requires it to be offset with cuts from next year's budget, along with a constitutional amendment to require a balanced budget. Vermont is the only state in the US that doesn't require a balanced budget. What's good for the other 49 states, is certainly good enough for the federal government.

Sadly, the Democrats in the Senate will never go along with this sensible solution. Hmm-m-m, how long has it been since the Democratic-controlled Senate offered a budget? The Republican-led House passed a budget this past spring, but still nothing out of the Senate...

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