The beginning of the Republican revolution?

There are a lot of people shaking their heads over Governor Sarah Palin's decision to leave office early. The talking heads and Washington insiders ignore Governor Palin's stated reasons for her departure, instead attacking her decision as another example of her cluelessness. Even some Republicans have gone on record to say it was a big mistake and could spell the end of her career. The chattering classes are confused by her actions. They can't understand a politician who isn't self-serving.

Yes, on the surface, I would have preferred she finish her term, but I understand her reasons. The constant baseless attacks against her have cost her state way too much time and money. It's hard to govern a state when your administration is constantly playing defense against a barrage of senseless charges. The citizens of Alaska deserve a government that's not being bled of resources fighting all these frivolous attacks. Even though Palin won all of them so far, they won't stop. It doesn't cost the opposition to make these charges; it just costs the Alaskan government, and Governor Palin personally, to fight them. So to save Alaskans money, and to ensure their government isn't distracted from state business, Governor Palin took the selfless, not selfish, road. It may hurt her personally, giving future opponents more ammunition to use against her, but it was best for her beloved Alaska. Wow, imagine that, a politician that does what's best for their constituents instead of what's best for them. If only more would take that road.

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