Sarah Palin's resignation
(Government, Politics) There are a lot of people shaking their heads over Governor Sarah Palin's decision to leave office early. The talking heads and Washington insiders ignore Governor Palin's stated reasons for her departure, instead attacking her decision as another example of her cluelessness. Even some Republicans have gone on record to say it was a big mistake and could spell the end of her career. The chattering classes are confused by her actions. They can't understand a politician who isn't self-serving.
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Lawyers and Politicians
(Government, Law) With all the perqs politicians get, and the crappy jobs they do, can we really accept that their "service" to the public is "selfless"?
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The nanny state and personal responsibility
(Government, Society) A recent newspaper article highlighted this issue. An elderly couple — he's 65, she's 70 — haven't made mortgage payments in four months for their three-bedroom home and the wife has started cyberbegging.
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