The Trump Non-Scandals (Politics)

Mike Hauser

Here we are, a year-and-a-half after the Donald Trump election to president. And the amount of loud propaganda has not abated one bit. In particular, the scandal narrative persists, seeking at every turn to posit that Trump is a fundamentally bad guy who engineered his own rise to power with the help of foreign (Russian) allies. Let's break this down.

Here's what we know, more or less. I say "more or less" because I'm getting to the point where I believe we'll never know the details, nor all the actors involved. The democrats, under the leadership (or at least the implicit agreement) of Barack Obama (former president) and Hillary Clinton (former candidate for president), weaponized their allies at the upper levels of the Justice Department and the FBI to gather scandalous and damaging material regarding Trump and Bernie Sanders (Hillary's opponent on the far left). Insofar was possible, they sought help or cooperation from the Russians in this. They abused their power in unprecedented ways in order to engineer a presidential victory for Hillary.

The computation was fairly straightforward. They would, based on propaganda they could dig up or fabricate, tank Trump's chances to win, and Hillary (even though most of them can't stand her) could take her rightfully deserved place as Queen of the World. Once she was elected, all their efforts could be swept under the rug and forgotten. They counted on this.

Unfortunately for them, they failed. Hillary failed to campaign energetically (I strongly suspect her failing health was a major factor in this), while Trump and his advocates were enthusiastic in their support of their candidate. I won't get into why Trump got elected. That's a story for another day. But the fact that he did get elected stunned not only the Democrats, but the Republicans as well.

Suddenly, all the crimes committed by the left couldn't be covered up. Some of what the left had done simply couldn't be ignored, and pulling the string on these crimes yielded evidence of further and more extensive crimes. In a fully just system, much of the upper echelons of FBI and Justice stood to be fired at best, or spend years behind bars.

Special Counsels were called, special investigators were called upon, the calls for details and definitive action were loud and consistent. Sadly, many of those in charge of the investigations were part of the original conspiracy. As a result, for a year and a half now, nothing substantive has emerged. Only some of the details are known, and only a fraction of the major players are known. The conspirators continue to defy calls by congress for details and evidence. They drag their feet, attempting at every turn to produce information which will shift attention away from them and onto their convenient scapegoats, the Russians, who in fact had very little to do with this. (The Russians' files on the scandal would probably make pretty interesting reading.)

And that's where we stand (and have stood for the last year and a half). What will ultimately become of all these investigations is up for debate. My guess is that we'll never know all the players and details. And when the time finally comes, if anyone goes to jail, it will be a small fraction of the hapless underlings who can be sacrificed. The major players (including Hillary and Obama) will slide into history and be lionized, because we just can't have our icons taken all the way down to the levels they really deserve.

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe some day (years from now, most likely), justice will be served after a fashion. But I doubt it. I hope, someday, to see a book on the order of All The President's Men, which, with the aid of one or more "Deep Throat" operatives, will reveal what really happened. But I suspect if that every happens, it will be years from now, when all this is just a bad memory for some older generation.

Amazingly, all this still gets daily press coverage. That's the press, and their love of scandal. But, like most Americans I suspect, I'm just tired of the whole thing. I'm persistently pessimistic about the ultimate outcomes, and tired of hearing about the latest stall tactic by the "Deep State". I'd like to see hundreds of heads roll, but I don't think they ever will. And in the meantime, I've got better things to do than salivate over the details of the latest fabricated scandal dreamed up by the left and their conspirators to whitewash the whole affair. It's enough that I have to listen to the incessant drumbeat of Trump Derangement Syndrome, without having to listen to all this crap as well.

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